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Vicious Pitbull Attack


We need help to find & identify the lady in this picture!

Her 2 pit bulls viciously attacked our 16 year old dog Sunny at about 5:40 pm Friday October 6th/17 at Thorncliffe off leash dog park, 60 Ave & Trollinger St, NE Calgary. One dog had his jaws on Sunny’s neck & while the other dog had Sunny by his hind leg. One of the pit bulls charged at me but I’m fine. I was able to move out of the way to avoid a bite because my protected me. The owner had to physically wrestle her dogs on the ground, punch & head lock them to let go of their jaw grip. Thankfully a neighbour rushed to helped us.

I took this picture from far as she was leaving the dog park. Couldn’t get any closer as she yelled ‘my dogs will attack again’. She gave me her name, Christine & said she was from Canmore. But also gave me a false phone number.
Calgary Police Service & Calgary Animal Services are involved. They have patrolled the park but she is no where to be found.

Sunny was taken to the Vet & surgically sewn up for 7 lpuncture wounds through his body. He will make a recovery.
Please, this lady needs to take responsibility for her dogs.

Call Calgary Animal Services @ 311 with any information.

Thank you.



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  1. I’ll just leave this here so very very dangerous

  2. People like this give pit bulls and other large breed dogs a bad name she should not be allowed to own a dog

  3. I can’t stand this post , BECAUSE it wasn’t necessary to say anything about the breed. Looks can be deceiving.

  4. Craig Cooper says:

    I like these dogs, but there is a reason why they are illegal in many cities….

  5. Be carefull pit-bulls aren’t killers because they have the wrong owners, rather they attract the wrong owners because they are killers

    • Kim Huot Kim Huot says:

      All dogs can be killers. Not just pitbulls.

      All dogs can be teddy bears. Including pitbulls.

      Be careful how you choose to portray an entire breed.

    • Lexi Mae Lexi Mae says:

      It’s people like you sir that feed the stigma for this breed. They act wrong because of the owners.

    • Really? Do you even know the breed aside from “what you have heard” or things you drum up yourself? I use to groom and foster many many pit bull type of dogs. You want to know what I got bit by?? A friggin chihuahua! Which have inflicted more bites on people than other breeds but because they are small people don’t even bother reporting it. Can the bigger dogs do more damage? Damned right but it has zero to do with their breed? I witnessed a dog obedience class where the dogs were doing a down/stay exercise. It was a golden retriever who broke her stay, ran over to a rottie completely unprovoked and literally ripped his face off, puncturing an eye, which he later lost. Maybe I should go around saying that Golden’s are horrible dogs…no because that would be completely ignorant as this was one dog, one incident and a sane decent person doesn’t judge an entire breed on one incident. That’s as stupid as saying oh that serial killer was a five foot tall medium build white guy, let’s just cut out losses and throw them all in jail. Perhaps let’s actually logically THINK before making assumptions.

    • What kind of leaders or parents would allow a dog created to relenthlesly bring down a two thousand pounds animal anywhere near children ??

    • Responsible pit-owners is a myth, right from the start aquiring the most dangerous dog and living near children is IRRESPONSIBLE

    • Lexi Mae Lexi Mae says:

      Bahahahahah. You are so fucking sheltered!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

    • Jolene A Argent the one thing you should always remember is pit-bulls don’t bite they attack to kill

    • This case like so many others proves all pit-owners and pit-lobby WRONG

    • Some of you should review the report made by the Fifth Estate from Sept

    • Lexi Mae Lexi Mae says:

      I found a meme too….. thank you

    • Lexi Mae Lexi Mae says:

      Lmao. Any idiot can make a meme or alter a photo.

    • Yes but the aim is to warn people who are being fooled by pit-owners by pretending that pit-bulls are safe, what is your purpose to be on my thread ? good citizens priorities are the security and wellbeing of other citizens, please review your priorities !!

    • Lexi Mae Lexi Mae says:

      You’re stereotyping. Not all dogs should be lumped into this category…. you’re assuming all pits are horrible. So you should review your way of thinking.

    • It’s not wise to deny the fact that pit-bulls were created to kill nothing can remove completely the gene’s and the instinct of pit-bulls, many rats have never attack humans many bears have never attack humans and I could go on for many hours but the reality is the leaders have protected their citizens from dangerous animals since the beginning of mankind, it’s nothing new and it’s a really that pit-bulls were created to be dangerous you may be in denial but that doesn’t change reality

    • Bobby Stark Bobby Stark says:

      You should maybe get off google. And go experience interactions with the animals themselves. Just so you’re aware their are quite a few breeds that are more powerful. And you keep bringing up children, no kid should be left unsupervised with any animal, don’t blame a animal for shitty parenting. I work with dogs, and I’ll be honest with you, it really is the small dogs that are most vicious and attack children most.

    • I keep bringing up children because they are the majority of pit-bull victims, and the kids are not a danger for pit-bulls get with reality, your priorities are in serious need of being reviewed, Bobby

    • April Lott April Lott says:

      Not only does most of the general public not agree with you, science doesn’t either. Since you have yet to post your degree in behavioural science and genetics I will ask you to stick to the facts…..which we have yet to hear from you Peter. That you don’t even know that you are speaking about a group of dogs erroneously labeled a “pitbull” instead of the American PitBull Terrier, I would say your argument is pretty weak to start with. That you do not recognize that neither of the breeds of dogs in the photo are in fact APBT’s and hence, not pitbulls is laughable. The fact that you think dogs bred for dog aggression equals human aggression is also a serious misconception (but an often held one). In fact most dogs that are dog aggressive are not aggressive towards humans. I am quite surprised you didn’t come across the tidbit of knowledge that while they were selectively bred for their ability to grab and hold large animals, they were also selectively bred to be very docile and obedient to people. Behaviour is primarily in the environment. Hence it is how they are taught and raised that makes the real difference. Yes, genetics can influence how a dog acts, but that is like saying the son of a thief is destined to become a criminal themselves. Consider how many studies now prove that aggressive, punishment based training results in aggression in any dog. And consider the prevalence of old school punishment based trainers out there with no real knowledge and understanding of behaviour and how to effect change. Considering your obvious lack of experience with this breed in particular, deep seated fear of them and lack of understanding about the sciences, I would suggest you do what most people with irrational fears do…..get help.

    • the fact that the number of places that banned pit-bulls have tripled in the last two years proves you wrong, April , and you should follow the news pit-bulls prove all pit-owners WRONG on a daily basis by attacking children and citizens, the general public is getting more aware of these pit-bull type dogs and getting wiser by never take advice from pit-owners about dogs, it’s like taking advice from a drunk driver on how to drive, it’s just a matter of time before someone becomes a victim, the general public will never be fooled by gators neither

    • Bobby Stark Bobby Stark says:

      Peter Grenier like I said before. Go and interact with the dogs yourself and get off google. Maybe volunteer for a rescue, I can give you the info for a few. In the last week alone I know of 5 different attacks, all of which have been small breeds. Terriers and chihuahua. Experience the breed for yourself you may change your mind

    • Bobby what is it you don’t understand pit-bulls don’t bite they attack to kill, it’s the primary reason for the creation of pit-bulls stop fooling yourself and others

    • Bobby Stark Bobby Stark says:

      You do realize you’re trying to argue with someone who actually works with animals and doesn’t just google. And I am familiar with the breed and why they were bred. I really don’t think in all of your googling you’ve found it yet. And again I say, get off google and go interact with and experience the breed yourself

    • Bobby Stark Bobby Stark says:

      Also your meme is wrong. They weren’t bred to fight in a pit. Google failed you on that one bud

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