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Three Great Day Trip Ideas

Hey all, let me tell you about two great “Hidden Gem” tourist spots just north of Calgary if you are up for a drive.

One is the Ellis Bird Farm: this is a great place for kids and nature lovers. There is a pond kids can poke around in too. Bring a camera. There are loads of birds! Entry is free , by donation.

The other is further north, not quite an hour past Red Deer. Lots of backroads you can take but if you go up Highway 2 to Highway 13 West, towards Winfield (not as far as Winfield) you come to a super cute tourist spot The Village at Pigeon Lake.

Around the area there are loads of golf courses, but the Village at Pigeon Lake is a fun shopping destination with unique stores (the 2 clothing stores, one which also sells footwear, are my favorite but there are other stores too, and a fantastic spa). They also have 4 restaurants, independently owned, with great food choices. The Village isn’t huge, but it’s a nice escape from the city and more fun than going to the malls.

The third is EM TE Town which is more of a camping destination, but neat to see if you are in the area. A guy wanted his own old west town so he built it himself. There was an entry cost but I cannot remember what it was and I warn you food in the one restaurant was a bit pricey. They had horse rides when I was there last year, so I assume they have them this year too.



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