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Looking to adopt

My husband and I are wanting to adopt. We are an approved adoptive home through the government. We were matched with a child last year but unfortunately didn’t work out. We have looked into private adoption and the wait is very unpredictable.

So we are resorting to social media.

We are looking to adopt through private direct adoption. This means not using an agency.

If there is anyone considering adoption as an option we would love to chat with you. Thank you!

Please e-mail me at



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  1. Their is a app called whisper..maybe people wanting to contact this person but do not want to put themselves out there can write something on there? Or perhaps the op could do an update with an email they make and can put on shoutout? I hope you can become loving parents eventually.

  2. Online advertising for adoption is illegal in Alberta. Just a heads up.

    • That’s sad maybe I’m not thinking of the negatives?

    • Cryslin Anne Temporal Alberta is the only province (I think?) that its still illegal for waiting couples to advertise or post online. From what I understand, you can be fined. I know many adoption agencies and individuals have written multiple letters, and have spoke with multiple ppl in govt to get this law changed but it hasn’t yet.
      We adopted our daughter 5 months ago and I know this is something our agency is advocating for because it would change how they operate big time! Birthparents being able to browse profiles online would be huge!

    • It’s a fine line … private direct adoption is totally legal. If someone knows someone and put you in touch with a pregnant woman that’s fine.

  3. You should leave an email so women can reach out to you! It’s hard to do so on a public forum. 🙂

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