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Lets fight for our rewards points at Alberta Pharmacies

Last friday, The Alberta College of Pharmacists put a ban on reward points for any prescriptions. They claim points interfere with our care and that clients move pharmacy to pharmacy to receive extra points. It is the complete opposite. Clients stay at one pharmacy where they can maintain and build a strong relationship and the points are just an added bonus. Now people will move pharmacy to pharmacy based on convenience and price.

What the ACP doesn’t seem to realize is that many people including low income, those with disabilities, those with serious ailments like diabetes, MS, and cancer and even the elderly spend hundreds of dollars per month at the pharmacy. These points allow for them to balance out their budget by purchasing food and necessities, gas to get to their doctors appointments, even cash to put towards their medication.

I know there are many that agree with this decision but if for one moment, you can think about one of your loved ones or family members that struggle with their health and how much they have to spend each month towards their medications, maybe you could understand how these points help them to get through their every day lives. If you dont understand, that is ok too.

But if this is affecting you or someone close to you, please sign and share this petition to let the ACP know how it is affecting us as consumers and patients.

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