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I Had a Remarkable Experience at Calgary’s Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza

Pizza is that meal I end up eating when I am lazy to cook and don’t feel like Chinese. Going to be honest though Chinese normally wins over pizza. But after trying out Blaze Pizza I am starting to reconsider.

Lets start with the drink selection. All the regular fountain drinks and then they have 2 types of lemonade – regular and blood orange lemonade. The blood orange is just delightful and all I felt like drinking for the next few days.

Then there are the pizza’s. Thin crust (yes please!) or thick crust (about double the size of the thin) and a lovely gluten-free option that stayed nice and crisp and held up well from what I saw. You can choose on of their delicious selections or choose to create your own – both for the same price of $10.45. Choose your sauce, and cheese, and meats, and veggies, and garnishes, and drizzles once its been baked. So many combinations and so little time!

With the advise of 5-9 topping so things don’t get all soggy and everything cooks, made my decision and went to work. Chose to do a white sauce with pesto sauce around the crust – this is a must as gives the crust delicious flavour so you don’t waste it at the end. Topped with mozza + goat cheese + LOTS of bacon + chicken + mushrooms + sauted onions + basil + chopped garlic + oregano + salt. That was baked up in their incredibly hot fast cooking oven. Topped that with arugula. Heaven!

Grabbed a side salad of roast veg and Gorgonzola. Yum! Great dressing that was flavorful but not too oily.

Of course we tried the smore pie for dessert – good thickness digestive biscuits on either side with chocolate and a marshmallow in between. Just warmed up on the edge of the oven until everything melted together in a delightful more-ish bite. This is the best end to a pizza dinner ever.

I will absolutely be back. I have all these ideas and combinations I would love to try. The staff are unbelievably friendly and helpful. But best of all it doesn’t cost me an extra $3 if I want to add mushroom to my pizza.

They will soon open their location in Mission on 4th Street and that will have a liquor licence. Blaze you have my heart.

Blaze Fired Up Pizza Calgary



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